Women in AI Switzerland: Looking Back, Moving Forward
By Marisa Tschopp  |  Jan 05, 2022
Women in AI Switzerland: Looking Back, Moving Forward
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The Women in AI community in Switzerland, like most, have experienced a challenging year. The pandemic took its toll on the team, and on the health of their families and friends. Marisa Tschopp takes a look back on a difficult year and looks forward to a brighter future in 2022.

ZURICH - Women in AI is a global nonprofit organization with many communities around the world. The newly formed Swiss team is a group of highly skilled, ambitious women on a mission to solve gender bias problems, increase diversity and create awareness of ethnic and cultural inclusivity of AI in Switzerland.

Building and managing a new team of volunteers, that never physically meet, under trying circumstances is not easy. Many of the team had to focus on critical aspects of the business and how to run a family if schools closed, while organizing events and initiating projects all based on volunteer work. It is an almost impossible task. Despite these difficulties the Swiss women in artificial intelligence (AI) managed to make it a success. Key to the group’s success lay in setting high standards. The team’s top priority was to enjoy the value of the work, no matter what other communities did, regardless of the number of events organized, or the number of followers gained on the community’s LinkedIn channel. Maybe it is a Swiss thing, but the Women in AI community in Switzerland focused on quality, not quantity. The choice is to do it properly or not at all. 

Joy and value are vital components to keep an organization running and keep the volunteers engaged. The fluctuation of volunteers is high and many people have come and gone. Often, new volunteers are overexcited in the beginning and suffer burnt out after a while. There are a number of reasons for this: ne

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