Shipra Asthana
Shipra Asthana
Contributor, The Yuan

Shipra Asthana is pursuing a postgraduate course in clinical research and pharmacovigilence at the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences in Toronto with the aim of becoming a drug safety officer.

Rapid rise of CRISPR gene editing is revolutionizing a myriad of fields
CRISPR is a keen gene editing and engineering tool that won its discoverers the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. While undoubtedly upending this field, its uses do not stop there. Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences researcher Shipra Asthana gives an overview of its applications.
Shipra Asthana  |  Mar 26, 2024
AI has already made significant strides in monitoring drug safety
Domain knowledge
Adverse drug events rank along with tuberculosis and malaria as global disease burdens, thus underscoring the need for enhanced pharmacovigilance as new drugs land on the market in droves. Researcher Shipra Srivastava relates how AI is reinforcing the perimeter.
Shipra Asthana  |  Dec 05, 2023