Christopher Pissarides
Christopher Pissarides
Contributor, The Yuan

Christopher Pissarides is a Nobel laureate economist and Regius Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics. He is a member of the Academic Advisory Board for the Luohan Academy, Hangzhou, where the research for this article was undertaken.

Leveraging data for the public good
Social media and other major private sector players lead the way in using data and AI to provide more personalized, customized experiences, an approach which holds lessons for governments and policymakers around the world, though these authorities function in ways that fundamentally differ from businesses.
Why Worry About Automation?
From the Luddite movement in the early 19th century to the writings of prominent economists like John Maynard Keynes and Wassily Leontief generations later, the prospect of automation has always raised serious concerns about jobs. Today, facing an onrushing wave of digital automation, many share their unease.
Christopher Pissarides  |  Jun 29, 2021
Embracing the New Age of Automation
New era
Ever since early 19th-century textile workers destroyed the mechanical looms that threatened their livelihoods, debates over automation have conjured gloom-and-doom scenarios about the future of work. With another era of automation upon us, how nervous about the future of our own livelihoods should we be?