Anna Saranti
Anna Saranti
Contributor, The Yuan

Anna Saranti is a doctoral student at the Graz University of Technology in Austria. She is also involved in the FWF Project P-32554 “A reference model of explainable AI for the Medical Domain" at the Medical University Graz. She has previously taught machine learning courses at both the TU Graz and TU Vienna. 

Federated graph neural networks ease the data burden of AI training
Federated networks form models in which several separate networks or locations share resources via central management frameworks to enforce consistent configurations and policies. Anna Saranti, a postdoc researcher at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, explains their workings.
Anna Saranti  |  Nov 03, 2023
Looping Farmers, Foresters in Agro-AI
Agriculture and forestry have not traditionally been at the forefront of AI and other hi-tech innovations, but positive results are being achieved by combining AI capabilities with the human expertise and knowledge of farmers and foresters. Deploying fully autonomous systems is not yet feasible, but existing technology has already helped to improve productivity and reduce accidents.
Anna Saranti  |  May 05, 2022