Ahmad Nazzal
Ahmad Nazzal
Contributor, The Yuan

Ahmad Nazzal is a doctor, neuroscientist and medical writer. His work in digital health, data science and clinical research focuses on effective medical communication with patients, doctors and businesses. Ahmad is passionate about using digital health and AI to improve the quality and affordability of healthcare. He is the author of 'AI's Revelation: The Future of Medicine.'

Creating intelligence in a laboratory is no longer a pipe dream
New era
Artificial intelligence is one thing, but what if it were possible to create actual, biological intelligence in a laboratory? While this may be beyond today’s technology, that will not always be the case. Doctor, neuroscientist, and medical writer Ahmad M. Nazzal weighs in.
Ahmad Nazzal  |  Nov 09, 2023
Can We Copy the Human Brain?
Dr Ahmad M. Nazzal wades through the neuroscientific quagmire of possibilities to consider whether copying a human brain is possible in the very near future.
Ahmad Nazzal  |  Feb 18, 2022