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Inclusion, accessibility are indispensable for healthtech’s success
Healthtech is now more than a fad. Apps and wearables are just the start: Healthtech can potentially improve health for a huge range of people, but equal access is key, says Marketing and Commercialization Prof Marzena Nieroda of the UCL Global Business School for Health, London.
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Marzena Nieroda  |  Aug  15,  2023
Scientists wield single-cell sequencing, ML data reduction to combat cancer
Single-cell RNA sequencing is a mighty weapon in cancer research that maps cell types and states, both individually and in clusters. ML then pares down the ensuing reams of data for ease of analysis. ML genetic and healthcare data specialist Dr Sara Moein explains their workings.
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Sara Moein  |  Aug  03,  2023
To see or not to see, that is the question of AI in radiology
AI should not make key decisions unsupervised. It does subtly prompt human decisions and this often goes unnoticed in radiology, notes Neuroradiology Prof Felipe Kitamura, Stanford AIMI scholar, Mayo Clinic visiting professor, and RSNA Machine Learning Steering Committee member.
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Felipe Kitamura  |  Jul  27,  2023
Four LLM trends since ChatGPT and their implications for AI builders
ChatGPT and other autoregressive GAIs have elicited kudos as the last word in AI, but computational linguist Janna Lipenkova begs to differ. Autoencoding analytical AI blazes the future of LLMs, she says, and shows the workings of and demonstrates how to fine-tune all LLM models.
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Janna Lipenkova  |  Jul  20,  2023
What do doctors really need to know about AI? Here are several key points
AI has greatly impacted the healthcare sector, though many physicians remain unaware of the extent of its capabilities. Doctors and other medical professionals do not necessarily need to become AI experts, though they should bear in mind a few key points.
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Sahika Betul Yayli  |  Jun  16,  2023
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