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Teaching ‘AI and the law’ in law school
AI has come a long way in a short time and is no longer the exclusive domain of computer scientists and techies. Even aspiring lawyers are now learning about how its many applications will shape the future of the law, explains attorney, professor, and AI expert Eran Kahana.
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Eran Kahana  |  Feb  05,  2024
Zoonotic AI: Should AI cheetahs offer running advice and otters transcribe?
Most AI and robots assume a humanoid form, but zoonotic AI takes a different tack, with animal figures providing AI-powered services. Dr Anshu Suri, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the CD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, advises matching furries with their functions.
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Anshu Suri  |  Feb  04,  2024
Four combos of ML-based predictive, prescriptive analytics optimize results
Mixing ML with operations research maximizes the power of both while offsetting their weaknesses. Nikolaj van Omme, CEO of AI startup Funartech, which blends ML and applied math to solve complex problems, gives the lowdown in this second in a series on new ways of making AI work.
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Nikolaj van Omme  |  Jan  24,  2024
ML is highly adept at predicting gene expression
Gene expression is the process through which information inscribed into a gene is converted into a function. ML genetic and healthcare data specialist Dr Sara Moein relates how ML accurately predicts target genes from landmark ones and states the implications of this in medicine.
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Sara Moein  |  Jan  19,  2024
MRIs backed by AI are crucial preventative screening tools for cancer
Early detection is critical to fight cancer. With their diagnostic virtues and lack of harmful radiation, MRIs bolstered by AI analytics are ideal for tackling this scourge. Dr Jennifer Dunphy, senior VP for a top US physician association, foresees this practice becoming routine.
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Jennifer Dunphy  |  Dec  21,  2023
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