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Writing, editing AI-related content comes with many challenges
This episode of the Delta Dialog examines the challenges and opportunities of writing and editing AI-related content, the intersection of AI and linguistics, and ethical considerations in AI research from the perspective of Jack Kotin, one of The Yuan's editors..
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Emir Mustafa Isler  |  Jul  09,  2024
GenAI Falls Short in Easing Physician Burnout, Study Shows
GenAI is one of the world’s most recently hyped technological developments and boasts impressive achievements. However, it falls short in critical areas, notably in its inability to significantly alleviate physician burnout, reports health writer and AI expert Oladimeji Ewumi.
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Oladimeji Ewumi  |  Jul  04,  2024
AI improves understanding of diet-gut microbiome interactions, gut health
The human gut microbiome has a huge impact on health and how prone people are to contracting illness, which means that efforts to use AI to make healthcare better and more personalized are incomplete unless they incorporate this field, argues cell biology expert Martina Rossi.
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Martina Rossi  |  Jul  03,  2024
Tim O’Reilly on AI development, regulation, copyright lawsuits, and more
Tech entrepreneur, professor, and author Tim O’Reilly - a major influencer in the world of AI and the driving force behind open source and Web 2.0 - recently sat down with The Yuan to give his thoughts regarding the most pressing tech-related issues facing the world today.
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Tim O’Reilly  |  May  21,  2024
Can AI deliver long-awaited breakthroughs in assessing stroke risk?
Medical professionals toil hard to gauge stroke risk among aging populations earlier and more accurately. Incremental improvements have come, but big breakthroughs remain elusive as lack of access to care and AI jitters thwart efforts, as Harvard Med Fellow Rohit Agrawal, MD, MPH explains.
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Rohitashva Agrawal  |  Mar  28,  2024
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