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Learn the five must-know characteristics of AI literacy
Most people have some intuitive idea of what AI is, but very few manage to boost this understanding to the next level: AI fluency. If more become truly AI literate, this will positively impact AI’s future. Thus, benchmarks for measuring and defining levels of AI literacy are key.
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Kirk Borne  |  Apr  14,  2023
Causation in AI applications in medicine, predictions, and prescriptions
This third article in the AI Predictions, AI Prescriptions and Causation in Medicine series addresses questions foremost in healthcare: How likely is the occurrence of events? What must be done to ensure certain outcomes ensue? Predictive AI and prescriptive AI hold the answers.
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Scott Burk  |  Apr  03,  2023
AI to improve medication adherence in patients with chronic diseases
Patients with chronic diseases must take timely and correct doses of their medications. AI reminds them to take their meds and flags those at risk of rehospitalization for more monitoring. Such measures reduce expenses, enable patients to live more healthily, and ease the burden on healthcare systems.
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Victor Okoye  |  Mar  31,  2023
Democratizing medical AI together: Is IP really protecting innovation?
Patents and intellectual property laws are key to protecting innovation, but can also hinder openness and ease of sharing, problems during crises like COVID-19. Berlin-based nonprofit the Hippo AI Foundation is on a quest to promote openness, cooperation, and innovation without sacrificing safeguards.
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Sreekanth Mukku, Samuel Kilchenmann, Bart de Witte  |  Mar  27,  2023
Computer vision AI offers hope in diagnosing, treating skin disorders
Computer vision AI shows promise in detecting and treating skin cancer, lesions, and other skin disorders, capturing better images of them, more easily distinguishing benign and malignant lesions, and raising the odds of successful treatment. The risk of bias remains, as does the inability to diagnose rare skin conditions, explains Dipro Chakraborty, director of Digital Architecture at AI healthcare firm TurningPoint.
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Dipro Chakraborty  |  Jan  17,  2023
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