Martina Rossi
Martina Rossi
Contributor, The Yuan

Martina Rossi is a specialist in cell biology, with a deep interest in translational science and gene therapy applications. Her research focuses on rare vascular diseases in a EU-collaborative framework. She is particularly interested in exploring the potential of gene therapy as a targeted and personalised approach to treating rare diseases.

STARVar diagnoses rare diseases with AI-powered variant prioritization
New era
Diagnosing rare diseases has always been tricky, but a new AI tool known as STARVar promises to ease their identification. Martina Rossi, an expert on the potential of gene therapy as a targeted and personalized approach to treating rare diseases, explains how it all pans out.
Martina Rossi  |  Jan 22, 2024
AI, genomics revolutionize diagnosis of rare genetic diseases
Rare genetic diseases are difficult to diagnose and treat. Those afflicted suffer greatly but AI and genomics augur change for the better. Martina Rossi, a cell biology expert deeply devoted to translational science and gene therapy applications, unveils the future of this field.
Martina Rossi  |  May 19, 2023