James Manyika
James Manyika
Contributor, The Yuan

James Manyika is Chairman of the McKinsey Global Institute and a senior partner in McKinsey & Company’s San Francisco office.

Global AI governance must accomplish certain things to be a success
The age of AI is here, and governance and policymaking are starting to catch up. Such progress is welcome but also uneven and uncoordinated, and no universal standard that could truly be called ‘global’ governance has yet emerged. This must change as AI’s impact keeps growing.
The Coming of AI Spring
New era
AI is all around us, generating excitement about how it could increase prosperity and transform our lives in multiple ways. Yet the technology is also likely to be disruptive. Policymakers and businesses must therefore try to capture the full value of what AI has to offer, while avoiding the downside risks.
James Manyika, Jacques Bughin  |  Jun 29, 2021