Tomoko Mitsuoka
Tomoko Mitsuoka
Contributor, The Yuan

Tomoko Mitsuoka is a member of The Global AI Ethics Institute in Paris. As the Japan expert, she actively engages in discussions about Japanese society, AI ethics, responsible AI and the need to educate everyone in order to create an AI-literate society.

Should AI be Christian-centric, Shinto-centric, or simply multicultural?
Depending on whom one asks, AI might be a source of fear and apprehension, excitement and anticipation, or just indifference. Many of these differences of opinion can be explained by people’s religious and cultural backgrounds, argues AI ethicist Tomoko Mitsuoka.
Tomoko Mitsuoka  |  Jun 19, 2024
Japanese anime, manga offer hints as to ‘apocalyptic’ AI, robots
Western films and cartoons tend to play up apocalyptic fears in their portrayals of AI, robotics, and other advanced tech, but Japanese anime and manga show how these might just end up blending in and becoming part of people’s everyday lives, argues AI ethicist Tomoko Mitsuoka.
Tomoko Mitsuoka  |  Jun 12, 2024