Jurgen Gravestein
Jurgen Gravestein
Contributor, The Yuan

Jurgen Gravestein is a writer, conversation designer and AI consultant. He helps global companies drive more business value with AI through his work at the professional services branch of the Conversation Design Institute, the world’s leading training and certification institute in conversational AI. He also runs a successful Substack newsletter “Teaching computers how to talk” providing readers with valuable insights on everything that’s happening in the world of conversational AI.

Google shelved its Gemini AI image app after it tried to rewrite history
Google put the brakes on its Gemini AI image tool for generating “inaccurate images of historical figures.” An attempt to avoid reproducing toxic stereotypes - a common issue with image generation tools - led Gemini to commit the even worse offense of writing revisionist history.
Jurgen Gravestein  |  Mar 25, 2024