Orhan Onder
Orhan Onder
Contributor, The Yuan

Orhan Onder is a medical doctor and lecturer at the Department of History of Medicine and Ethics at Marmara University, Istanbul. His Ph.D. focuses on the ethical implications of AI applications in Healthcare. He has a particular interest in epistemology and ethics of Clinical Decision Support Systems as well as distributed responsibility.

From bioethics to AI ethics, lessons are to be learned and futures to forge
AI is not the only new tech to cause controversy and entail ethical issues. Dr Orhan Onder MD, a lecturer at the Department of History of Medicine and Ethics at Istanbul’s Marmara University, examines the hard-learned lessons from previous disruptive advances.
Orhan Onder  |  Dec 26, 2023
Telemedicine and the patient-doctor relationship
The rise of telemedicine has drawn much attention of late and is starting to transform the doctor-patient relationship. People will likely access healthcare from their smartphones in coming years the same way they access banking, shopping, and food delivery today.
Orhan Onder  |  Dec 07, 2022
Reform of the clinic: doctor, AI, patient ‘triadic relationship’
Dr Orhan Onder argues that during the shift from the conventional doctor-patient dyadic clinic to the new doctor-AI-patient triadic clinics, theoretical investigations must be prioritized to forestall future ethical breaches and other adverse effects.
Orhan Onder  |  Jul 20, 2022