Nemanja Kovačev
Nemanja Kovačev
Contributor, The Yuan

Nemanja Kovačev is an orthopedic and trauma surgeon, digital health software engineer and digital health startups advisor. He has 15 years' experience in the medical and software engineering fields.

AI brings science ever closer to the elusive seat of consciousness
Brain science
Long dismissed as a mere abstraction, mounting evidence shows consciousness might actually nest within the convolutions of the physical brain. Surgeon and AI healthcare specialist Nemanja Kovacev lights the way through the most complex system known to science in quest of answers.
Nemanja Kovačev  |  Apr 04, 2024
The Medical AI Black Box Problem
Domain knowledge
The ‘Black Box’ problem in healthcare AI is a scenario in which a AI decision-maker has arrived at a decision that is not understandable to the patient or those involved in the patient's care because the system itself is not understandable to either of these agents. Dr Nemanja Kovačev investigates the mystery of the ‘Black Box’ and its function.
Nemanja Kovačev  |  Feb 24, 2022