Sami Mahroum
Sami Mahroum
Contributor, The Yuan

Sami Mahroum is senior lecturer at INSEAD, an adviser to the Future Society’s AI Initiative, a member of the WEF Regional Strategy Group for the Middle East and North Africa, and Non-Resident Fellow at The Lisbon Council. He is the author of Black Swan Start-ups: Understanding the Rise of Successful Technology Business in Unlikely Places.

The Yuan's commentators respond: What lies beyond the AI tipping point?
Some tout AI’s boosted productivity, accelerated R&D, and better healthcare delivery, or warn it will kill jobs, worsen inequality and pose ethical and existential risks. Andrea Komlosy, Sami Mahroum, Stan Matwin, and Gabriela Ramos talk the AI revolution that is already upon us.
Calling Dr. Robot
Big tech companies pursue marketing strategies that overpromise the benefits of AI products, while understating the risks of failure. Implicit in their best-case scenarios is an emphasis on originality over reliability. Novelty may well appeal to enthusiastic early adopters of run-of-the-mill consumer products, it has gained less purchase in healthcare. Most patients are reluctant to serve as guinea pigs.
Sami Mahroum  |  Jun 29, 2021
On Point: Issue Adviser the AI Debate We Need
The biggest change that AI will bring concerns employment. If AI technologies can deliver most needed goods and services at less cost, why spend precious time laboring? The question for a fully automated future is whether jobs can be delinked from incomes, and incomes delinked from consumption.
Sami Mahroum  |  Jun 29, 2021