Eran Kahana
Eran Kahana
Contributor, The Yuan

Eran Kahana is an experienced attorney concentrating his practice on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and intellectual property law. A fellow at Stanford Law School, he works closely with the FBI, Department of Justice, Secret Service, and colleagues from the private and academic sectors to promote, educate, and sustain cybersecurity best practices.

Lessons learned from AI chatbots will encourage their responsible use
Chatbots are widespread forms of AI and, while they handle many routine tasks effectively, too often they are left to deal with problems for which they are ill-equipped, prompting scandals and bad experiences. AI and legal expert Prof Eran Kahana cites an illustrative case study.
Eran Kahana  |  Apr 30, 2024
Lawyers using AI almost sounds like a joke, but arouses growing concerns
US lawyers are increasingly landing in hot water for using GenAI in their practice. Attorney, professor, and AI expert Eran Kahana examines the reasons for this, the lessons to be learned, and the impacts it exerts on ethics, malpractice, and professional responsibility.
Eran Kahana  |  Mar 27, 2024
Teaching ‘AI and the law’ in law school
Domain knowledge
AI has come a long way in a short time and is no longer the exclusive domain of computer scientists and techies. Even aspiring lawyers are now learning about how its many applications will shape the future of the law, explains attorney, professor, and AI expert Eran Kahana.
Eran Kahana  |  Feb 05, 2024