Elliot Leavy
Elliot Leavy
Contributor, The Yuan

Elliot Leavy is founder of the Generative AI consultancy ACQUAINTED and technoradical journal, BOZO. His book, "Mainstream Mania: The Terminal Decline of the Press", is out next year.

Crafting the Future with Generative AI - with Elliot Leavy and David Wood
In the exploration of the intricacies and impacts of Generative AI, our upcoming discussion delves deep into the ethical, creative, and societal aspects of this transformative technology.
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Generative AI in Business and Beyond - with Elliot Leavy and David Wood
In this episode, we explore insights on the transformative impact of Generative AI across various industries, the ethical landscapes surrounding its advancement, and the future of employment in an AI-driven world.
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OpenAI’s leadership drama will have far-reaching repercussions
The recent upheaval at OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is causing more waves than one might expect from a mere leadership reshuffle. Tech entrepreneur and author Elliot Leavy investigates what this might mean for other tech companies and the future trajectory of AI.
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Automated warfare threatens to kill democracy if left unchecked
Wars between Russia and Ukraine and Israel and Hamas have far-reaching consequences exacerbated by automation and digitalization. While big defense contractors are benefiting, democracy will lose out without proper safeguards, writes author and entrepreneur Elliot Leavy.
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