Felipe Kitamura
Felipe Kitamura
Contributor, The Yuan

Felipe Kitamura is Director of Applied Innovation and AI at Dasa, neuroradiologist and affiliated professor at Unifesp, associate scholar at Stanford AIMI, visiting professor at Mayo Clinic, member of the RSNA Machine Learning Steering Committee, co-chair of the SIIM Machine Learning Education Subcommittee and Kaggle Competitions Master.

AI's role in protecting patient privacy makes it an unanticipated ally
AI can identify people - potentially compromising their privacy - but it can also de-identify them to help protect it instead. Radiologist Felipe Kitamura demonstrates how ethically conscious AI can be an ally in the fight to protect privacy and individual rights.
Felipe Kitamura  |  Sep 06, 2023
To see or not to see, that is the question of AI in radiology
Domain knowledge
AI should not make key decisions unsupervised. It does subtly prompt human decisions and this often goes unnoticed in radiology, notes Neuroradiology Prof Felipe Kitamura, Stanford AIMI scholar, Mayo Clinic visiting professor, and RSNA Machine Learning Steering Committee member.
Felipe Kitamura  |  Jul 27, 2023