Roger Kingdon
Roger Kingdon
Contributor, The Yuan

Roger Kingdon is a computational physicist with a lifetime’s experience working on scientific research-and-development projects in the civil nuclear, environmental, defence, and information security domains. He is the author of ‘Principia Intellegentia’ (2009) and ‘How to Make a Mind’ (2015). A ‘treasure trove of original writings’ can be found on his website:

Chatbot chatter with Google’s Bard yields interesting findings
New era
Intrigued by all the recent chatter about chatbots, I decided to conduct my own investigation, and the outcome was most illuminating. Here is the transcript of my first - and as yet only - exchange with Bard, Google’s ‘creative and helpful collaborator.’ I am R, Bard is B.
Roger Kingdon  |  May 16, 2023