Laura Tyson
Laura Tyson
Contributor, The Yuan

Laura Tyson, former chair of the US President’s Council of Economic Advisers, is Professor of the Graduate School at the Haas School of Business and Chair of the Blum Center Board of Trustees at the University of California, Berkeley. 

From sanctions to semiconductor resilience and security
Russia’s war in Ukraine has shaken up the global status quo and given the US and its allies more incentive to work closely together in a variety of areas. Two of the most critical of these are semiconductors and advanced microchips, which are essential both economically and in terms of national security. Closer collaboration in these and other areas therefore promises to deliver benefits for decades to come.
Laura Tyson, John Zysman  |  Oct 06, 2022
What the US Recovery is Missing
The US economy may have recovered faster than many others, but inequality remains in the labor market, and this must be addressed. The US needs automation, federal resources, and policy innovation to ensure that economic recovery touches everyone.
Lenny Mendonca, Laura Tyson  |  Nov 19, 2021