Retrospective on 2022 AI
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The Yuan Retrospective on 2022 AI - Better data is better healthcare
Last year, The Yuan contributor Kirk Borne predicted the evolution of AI in 2022. He takes a look to see whether 2022 has represented another year of growing macro trends in the global AI sphere, and whether it has continued the trend of opening up many new ways of thinking, surprising innovations, and more stable solutions to critical problems.
Retrospective on 2022 AI
Kirk Borne  |  Oct  13,  2022
The Yuan Retrospective on 2022 AI - To infinity and beyond
Dr Gaurav Chandra updates and reassesses his predictions for the evolution of AI in 2022. He looks at what the future holds for humanity given what has happened so far this year and explores five trends in AI that will continue to shape humanity.
Retrospective on 2022 AI
Gaurav Chandra  |  Oct  12,  2022
The Yuan Retrospective on 2022 AI - Evolution opens the door to longevity
Calum Chace updates and reassesses some of his predictions as to the evolution of AI in 2022, the original version of which was published at the end of 2021. The best-selling author originally predicted that the world would see better drug discovery processes, diagnostics, and understanding of human biology during the 10th anniversary year of the Big Bang in AI.
Retrospective on 2022 AI
Calum Chace  |  Oct  11,  2022
The Yuan Retrospective on 2022 AI - Big Pharma, Big Tech Ally, Double-Team Covid-19 (II)
The alliance of Big Pharma and Big Tech in the mostly successful quest to develop vaccines to vanquish COVID-19 has been a keynote of the pandemic. In the follow-up on The Yuan platform series of articles predicting the evolution of AI in 2022, The Yuan editor and contributor Ben Armour relates whether his forecast of AI’s development trajectory hit the mark or fell short or wide of it. Original content superseded by events is omitted for the sake of brevity.
Retrospective on 2022 AI
Ben Armour  |  Oct  10,  2022
Taking a look back at 2022: how well have our predictions from last year turned out?
As we enter the final quarter of 2022, Jack Kotin, editor and contributor for The Yuan, introduces The Yuan's latest series of articles from five of its expert contributors that takes a look at how predictions that were made at the end of 2021 have fared thus far in 2022.
Retrospective on 2022 AI
Jack Kotin  |  Oct  09,  2022