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A twin transformation is reshaping the world’s economy and lives
Digitalization and decarbonization are disruptive transformations that also promise better lives but only effective competition policies and mechanisms will clear the high hurdles they erect to derive the maximum benefits, says Cambridge University Public Policy Prof Diane Coyle.
Emerging markets
Diane Coyle  |  May  18,  2023
Disruptors must now come to grips with becoming the disrupted
Amazon, Twitter, and Meta (née Facebook) changed economies and societies before COVID-19, but changes are now afoot that put these former disruptors on the defensive, leaving them scrambling to decide what to do. This new era is a chance to fix excesses for a better future.
Emerging markets
Roger McNamee  |  Apr  25,  2023
Five key enterprise AI trends to keep an eye on going forward
ChatGPT has drawn wide attention of late though it is far from being today’s only relevant AI trend. Varun Arora, who heads up Kearney’s digital practice in Asia, sheds light on this and other developments users and investors should be savvy to and cites several salient examples.
Emerging markets
Varun Arora  |  Apr  10,  2023
Can robots help mitigate China’s demographic decline?
China’s demographic dividend is over, and it faces an aging, shrinking workforce and population, and slowing economy. The nation has also become a robotics powerhouse, especially in industrial robots, and this promises to raise production in China’s workforce and overall economy.
Emerging markets
Mark Kruger  |  Mar  20,  2023
Amazon’s satanic mills
Amazon is among the biggest and most successful companies, with a data-driven, logistics-centered innovation that brings convenience to billions. Yet the current cost of living crisis and the firm’s brutal working conditions - workers routinely underpaid and mistreated - cast doubt on the sustainability of its business model if fully automating many tasks now performed by humans or raising its profitability and efficiency without exploitation prove difficult.
Emerging markets
Antara Haldar  |  Feb  03,  2023
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