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AI roots out corruption in India’s troubled healthcare terrain
India, the world’s most populous country, has a complex healthcare system prone to inefficiency and corruption. As the country digitalizes, AI is already bearing fruit by exposing graft and granting more Indians access to quality care, writes AI and Big Data expert Disha Ganguli.
Emerging markets
Disha Ganguli  |  Feb  02,  2024
Norway’s billion-kroner investment in AI should target innovation
To get the most bang for one’s buck - or krone - means carefully choosing how AI funds are allocated. Innovation Prof Tor W. Andreassen of NHH Norwegian School of Economics and tech executive Yngvar Ugland discuss the pros and cons of prioritizing AI inventions vs. innovations.
Emerging markets
Yngvar Ugland, Tor W. Andreassen  |  Dec  20,  2023
Capital always wins out, and the AI industry is no exception
In a world where capital is king, OpenAI’s efforts to buck the trend by putting innovation over profits fell short. The company thus had to compromise to survive, leading to the recent firing and rehiring of CEO Sam Altman, as Columbia Law School Prof Katharina Pistor elaborates.
Emerging markets
Katharina Pistor  |  Dec  15,  2023
Efforts to regulate Big Tech are turning into an exercise in futility
Most agree Big Tech needs some sort of regulation, but its situation is very different from that of traditional monopolies. University of Athens Economics Prof Yanis Varoufakis, ex-Greek finance minister and head of the MeRA25 party, probes the thorny thickets of tech regulation.
Emerging markets
Yanis Varoufakis  |  Nov  27,  2023
AI healthcare startups are already having a transformative impact
Most AI-driven healthcare startups are not household names, yet their impact is far from negligible. Ahmed Zahlan, a Fulbright Scholar doing his PhD on AI healthcare startups at the Columbia Business School, assesses the situation and drops some names to keep an eye on.
Emerging markets
Ahmed Zahlan  |  Nov  02,  2023
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