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Can the UAE become a major global center for longevity research?
The UAE has a reputation as one of the most advanced and ambitious countries in the world. Many think of it as at the forefront of new technologies most countries would be unable or unwilling to implement. Writer and AI expert Calum Chace takes a look at the UAE’s efforts in longevity research and what this needs to succeed.
Emerging markets
Calum Chace  |  Sep  05,  2022
Daron Acemoglu talks cracks in democracy's economic base with The Yuan
The world is facing multiple challenges at once, from heightened inflation to fragile economic growth, the COVID-19 pandemic, war in Ukraine, and threats to democracy. Economics professor Daron Acemoglu takes a look at each of these challenges, and what might be done to mitigate them.
Emerging markets
Daron Acemoglu  |  Sep  01,  2022
Recent developments in the AI Act and its future timeline
Due to the emergence of AI and the ever more key role it plays, lawmakers argue that there is an urgency of crafting a comprehensive regulatory framework for it. Europe seeks to pioneer this area via its AI Act, but will need inbuilt flexibility and adaptability, or it risks doing more harm than good.
Emerging markets
Patrick Glauner  |  Aug  08,  2022
Addressing Europe's corporate technology gap
Europe has shown the ability to adapt, change, and come together as needed in the face of a crisis. Yet crises like widening technology gaps with other leading economic regions may not occur as swift shocks, but also happen in slow motion over years or even decades, and Europe must address these crises to ensure its future competitiveness and prosperity.
Emerging markets
Jurica Novak, Jan Mischke  |  Jul  12,  2022
Equitable Capitalism or Bust
As global crise both natural and man-made occur with ever-increasing frequency and severity and inequality continues to become more of a problem throughout society, the need grows more urgent to push structural reforms to make capitalism more inclusive and effective, better positioning the world to deal with current crises and gear for future ones.
Emerging markets
Bertrand Badré, Yann Coatanlem  |  May  26,  2022
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