Diane Coyle
Diane Coyle
Contributor, The Yuan

Diane Coyle, a professor of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge, is the author of Markets, State, and People: Economics for Public Policy and other works.

AI must benefit everyone, not just the powerful and privileged
AI is wreaking swift change in nearly all aspects of life and, while some have benefited tremendously, others risk being left behind unless AI becomes more inclusive and equitable, asserts Cambridge University Public Policy Prof Diane Coyle.
Diane Coyle  |  Oct 10, 2023
A twin transformation is reshaping the world’s economy and lives
Emerging markets
Digitalization and decarbonization are disruptive transformations that also promise better lives but only effective competition policies and mechanisms will clear the high hurdles they erect to derive the maximum benefits, says Cambridge University Public Policy Prof Diane Coyle.
Diane Coyle  |  May 18, 2023
Preempting a generative AI monopoly is key
New era
Despite ChatGPT’s flaws and use to create malware and disinformation, it is a huge step forward. Regulators must not be too heavy-handed, but letting markets decide outcomes is also not optimal. Cambridge University Prof Diane Coyle urges finding the most suitable middle ground.
Diane Coyle  |  Mar 23, 2023
The Dangers of Data-Based Certainty
In some areas where data are used there is remarkably little focus resting on its reliability or interpretation. The ‘CAPTCHA' tests, e.g., ask you to prove your humanity by identifying images such as boats, bicycles, or traffic lights. If your choice, even if correct, differs from that of the machine system, you will be deemed inhuman. In this example, the machine’s error is obvious, though there is no appeal against it if you want to access the website it is guarding. But in other cases, it may not be possible to identify what conclusions either machine learning systems or human analysts are drawing when they place more weight on data than they can bear.
Diane Coyle  |  Jun 29, 2021