Dilraj Kaur
Dilraj Kaur
Contributor, The Yuan

Dilraj Kaur has significantly enriched the fields of bioinformatics and cancer research with her contributions, including over 15 scientific publications. She developed an innovative mobile app for risk prediction in cutaneous melanoma, providing a valuable tool for its early detection and management. Dilraj's research also extends to endometrial cancer, where she has identified prognostic signatures that can revolutionize the world’s understanding of it. She is a winner of the prestigious Young Achiever Award in Science and Technology in India, reflecting her significant impact on the field. Dilraj was also honored as the Best Teaching Assistant for Machine Learning in Biomedical Applications. Currently, she is working on identifying precision treatments for both pre- and post-radiotherapy in head and neck cancer patients to improve treatment efficacy and patient quality of life at the Institute of Cancer Research, in London.

AI: Unleashing the drug discovery revolution for a healthier tomorrow
New era
AI has brought about a remarkable transformation in the realm of drug discovery, which was previously plagued by inefficiency and a significant failure rate. The historical inefficiencies in drug discovery are swiftly becoming a thing of the past, and the repercussions for the healthcare industry are monumental, as highlighted by Dr Dilraj Kaur, a bioinformatic scientist at the Institute of Cancer Research in London.
Dilraj Kaur  |  Oct 13, 2023