Nouriel Roubini
Nouriel Roubini
Contributor, The Yuan

Nouriel Roubini, Professor Emeritus of Economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business, is Chief Economist at Atlas Capital Team, an asset-management and fintech firm specializing in hedging against inflation and other tail risks. 

A comparison reveals the stark contrast between AI, human stupidity
This year’s World Economic Forum offered a snapshot on the state of the world and its many ongoing crises. While AI is achieving impressive results in many ways, these are largely being overshadowed by human stupidity, cautions NYU Professor Emeritus of Economics Nouriel Roubini.
Nouriel Roubini  |  Mar 18, 2024
The age of megathreats
The world has changed drastically during the past few years, with economic crises, deglobalization, wars, pandemics, and climate change all upending lives and sowing fears about the future. Many problems that seemed abstract or remote not long ago are now part and parcel of the present and future, and demand urgent, smart responses to avoid catastrophes and get the world back on a solid footing, warns NYU Professor Emeritus of Economics Nouriel Roubini.
Nouriel Roubini  |  Jan 13, 2023
A Stagflation Storm Is Brewing, Leading Economist Warns
Emerging markets
The threat of stagflation is increasingly worrisome, with both short-term and long-term structural factors to blame. Can the widespread implementation of AI help to offset some of these factors? And even if it can, will that be enough to avert a worst-case scenario for the global economy?
Nouriel Roubini, Ben Armour  |  May 10, 2022