Arjun A. Sethi
Arjun A. Sethi
Contributor, The Yuan

Arjun Sethi is a partner, the Head of Asia Pacific and Vice Chair of Kearney's Digital Transformation Practice. In 2016 he was selected as one of the top 25 consultants by Consulting magazine for “Excellence in Leadership,” and his thought leadership has been published in American Banker, Virtual Strategies, Wall Street & Technology, and Information Week. Arjun is also a regular contributor to BankTech, writing on digital disruption and digital transformation topics.

Every Company Board Now Needs an AI Council
Every company board has a clear fiduciary duty to actively consider AI’s manifold implications for the future welfare of its business and its shareholders. That clear duty, combined with the historic portent of AI, more than justifies forming an AI council without delay.
Arjun A. Sethi  |  Aug 27, 2021
AI-Driven Competitive Advantage isn’t the Future, it’s Now
New era
Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is advancing faster than many think. And a recent study proved as much after garnering some key insights into how more than 90 leading companies in 15 different industries are using AI.
Piyush Dubey, Arjun A. Sethi  |  Aug 26, 2021