Martin Willemink
Martin Willemink
Contributor, The Yuan

Martin Willemink is a physician, biomedical engineer and clinical scientist with a special interest in computed tomography. He is co-founder of Segmed, a Y Combinator and StartX-backed company that focuses on curating medical data for machine learning.

With a Primer in Deep Learning for Medical Imaging
Domain Knowledge
Artificial intelligence (AI) has garnered substantial interest in medical imaging circles. The engineering of computerized systems to perform tasks previously requiring human intelligence, popular applications of machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) in medical imaging include workflow improvements, automatic lesion detection, and automatic quantification.
Martin Willemink  |  Aug 05, 2021
Will Medical AI Ever Be Unbiased?
Professional healthcare workers are affected by implicit biases. Physicians and nurses often actively focus on fair treatment policies, but biases toward patients based on race, gender, body habitus, and socioeconomic status are still present. AI may have a more systematic approach than humans, but biases are still present, e.g., facial recognition algorithms work accurately in White males, but perform much worse in Black populations.
Martin Willemink  |  Jun 29, 2021