Gonzalo Benetti Hernández
Gonzalo Benetti Hernández
Contributor, The Yuan

Gonzalo Benetti Hernández is a member of the Global Shapers Advisory Council, a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change, and project leader of APOSTEAR, an initiative to close the digital divide in low income neighborhoods in Argentina. 

AI’s Hippocratic Oath
Almost 36 million people worldwide die each year because they are not diagnosed in time. Gonzalo Benetti Hernandez believes these figures can be slashed by the embrace of AI-based technologies, above all if they are democratized for greater access by low-income households.
Gonzalo Benetti Hernández  |  Apr 28, 2022
The Future of Medicine Under 6G
New era
The 5G network has had a dramatic impact on everyday lives, accelerated ground-breaking technologies such as artificial intelligence, and revolutionized healthcare. Gonzalo Benetti Hernandez forecasts an even brighter future as 6G looms on the horizon.
Gonzalo Benetti Hernández  |  Mar 16, 2022
Producing Healthy Food With AI
Emerging markets
Gonzalo Benetti Hernandez discusses agrotechnology in Argentina and how it is flourishing thanks to the merger of two powerful sectors of its economy: agriculture and software development.
Gonzalo Benetti Hernández  |  Jan 11, 2022