Pawel Piotr Maksymiak
Pawel Piotr Maksymiak
Contributor, The Yuan

Pawel Piotr Maksymiak, currently based in London, UK, is an IT Engineering consultant with a diverse background working in the government, private security/military, and finance fields. Over the years he has done work for Pfizer, G4S, Enstar, Deutsche Bank, Intel, National Grid and various EU institutions, including the European Chemicals Agency and European Union Monitoring Mission in Tbilisi, Georgia.  His main interest is systems engineering focusing on Big Data, chemical informatics and cyber defense, with an additional focus on AI and automation in cyber security. He holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering from Western Pomeranian University of Technology and a master’s degree from the University of Stettin, both in Poland. His favorite quote is “Don't flail against the world, use it" by Chinese philosopher and military strategist Sun Tzu.

‘Terminator’ Is Back With US Intel Arm’s AI-Powered ‘Project MARS’
New Era
'Terminator' said, I'll be back," and now indeed returns in this report on the US Defense Intelligence agency's 'Project MARS.' Let Machine Learning (ML) and Neural Network expert Pawel Maksymiak show you the ins and outs of this chilling system, which like Skynet in the movie, deploys the ultimate assassins on AI-targeted kills, among the many other robotic weapons in its arsenal. This story is de rigueur reading for all fans of the film franchise.
Pawel Piotr Maksymiak,Ben Armour,  |  Sep 10, 2021