Pawel Piotr Maksymiak
Pawel Piotr Maksymiak
Contributor, The Yuan

Pawel Piotr Maksymiak is an IT Engineering consultant who has worked in the government, private security/military and finance fields. His main interest is systems engineering focusing on Big Data, chemical informatics and cyber defense, with an additional focus on AI and automation in cyber security.

Cyber Security Threat to Big Pharma
Cyber security breaches pose a clear and present danger for Big Pharma firms and hold the potential to cause the sector to lose billions of dollars, and kill millions of people, as well. Information Technology engineer and cyber security expert Pawel Maksymiak explains how bad actors, often working in concert, exploit vulnerabilities to snatch precious troves of patient health data to sell, and company intellectual property to counterfeit.
Pawel Piotr Maksymiak  |  Jan 17, 2022
AI May One Day Usurp Human Decision-Making in War
New Era
Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk warned in a 2019 interview that the very nature of the Artificial Intelligence they are building, is one that crushes humans in all games, and asked how long it will be before humans being supported by AI becomes AI supported by humans, and whether the world is getting closer to AI-driven conflicts. Information Technology engineer Pawel Piotr Maksymiak imagines army HQ staff with increased visibility of the battlefield, and increased speed of decision-making approved by default by operational executives and examines NORAD and NORTHCOM AI-systems and notes that AI algorithms after a while become proverbial ‘black boxes,’ with data being processed and analyzed by AI/machine learning algorithms that get ever harder to follow, and he muses on how to ultimately understand how decisions are really being made, and the potentially dire consequences of non-comprehension.
Pawel Piotr Maksymiak  |  Dec 02, 2021
‘Terminator’ Is Back With US Intel Arm’s AI-Powered ‘Project MARS’
New Era
'Terminator' said, I'll be back," and now indeed returns in this report on the US Defense Intelligence agency's 'Project MARS.' Let Machine Learning (ML) and Neural Network expert Pawel Maksymiak show you the ins and outs of this chilling system, which like Skynet in the movie, deploys the ultimate assassins on AI-targeted kills, among the many other robotic weapons in its arsenal. This story is de rigueur reading for all fans of the film franchise.
Pawel Piotr Maksymiak, Ben Armour  |  Sep 10, 2021