The Yuan is now available in Factiva
By Ben Armour  |  Dec 10, 2022
The Yuan is now available in Factiva
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The Yuan has racked up another huge gain in its advance to become the world’s premier AI platform. The Yuan recently sealed a deal to share its content with New York-based business media giant Dow Jones. The Yuan’s articles now feature in Dow Jones' Factiva business intelligence platform.

LONDON - The Yuan is now available as a source in Factiva, a leading business intelligence platform with a global collection of licensed news, web content, and company data.

Factiva has approximately 33,000 sources from nearly every country worldwide, in 32 languages, and is owned by Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal.

Shifeng Wang, founder and chief editor of The Yuan, reacted, “The vision of our entire team is to hope that when human society embarks on the era of artificial intelligence (AI), there will still be a space for public thinking, one where free will is fully respected. I am very happy to establish a cooperative relationship with Dow Jones, and I hope readers will enjoy the content we publish on Factiva. I further hope that, with the help of Dow Jones, The Yuan’s ideals can reach more and a wider range of people.”

The Yuan is becoming a leading AI content platform globally, with over 200 contributors. Among them are

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