The Future of Medicine Under 6G
By Gonzalo Benetti Hernández  |  Mar 16, 2022
The Future of Medicine Under 6G
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The 5G network has had a dramatic impact on everyday lives, accelerated ground-breaking technologies such as artificial intelligence, and revolutionized healthcare. Gonzalo Benetti Hernandez forecasts an even brighter future as 6G looms on the horizon.

ROSARIO, ARGENTINA - The expansion of fifth-generation wireless network technology  (5G) has accelerated automations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), which are having a significant impact on daily lives. This transition enables these advances, and although its adoption is at an early stage, the arrival of 6G is on the horizon.

If 5G allows the transition toward the use of new technologies, expanding their frontiers, 6G will be the culmination of a process that will finally mark a change of era in the history of humanity. 5G infrastructure will allow a rapid adoption of 6G, which will bring significant advances in terms of the evolution of the Internet and, in particular, the medical field. 

From 5G to 6G, What is Different?

The sixth generation of mobile connectivity, or 6G, differs from its predecessors mainly in technical aspects, such as download speed and latency, thus allowing exponential multiplication of the volume of data circulating in less time.

The projections of China’s multinational company Huawei are an apt example, indicating maximum speeds of up to terabits per second, 10 to 100 gigabits of experienced rate, sub-millisecond level latency, centimeter-level locations and millimeter-level images (fundamental aspects when imagining the future of remote telesurgery), and a tenfold increase in relation to the density of 5G - considerably increasing the volume of data that will strengthen the algorithms for the detection of pathologies, control and monitoring of infectious diseases, and preventive medicine.

Connected Medicine

Huawei's forecasts for the arrival of 6G in medicine are encouraging. 6G technology would make

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