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Pioneering Report Maps AI+RWS Sector, Forecasts 40% Yearly Growth in China
By Jian Zhou, Ben Armour  |  Oct 29, 2021
Pioneering Report Maps AI+RWS Sector, Forecasts 40% Yearly Growth in China
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A pioneering new report offers an overview of pharma RWS/RCT industry developments in 2020-2021, Asia’s RWS market size, trends there and in China - where it predicts 40 percent yearly growth - and showcases Asian RWS industry leaders. It discusses use of virtual Twin Studies, GWAS, Pharmacovigilance and AI, and explores RWS and AI used in diagnostics, biomarkers, image analysis, disease prevention, and Big Data. It then cites the challenges and opportunities faced by AI-driven WRS and lists governmental regulations on RWS and Big Data in Asia.

LONDON/SHANGHAI - A first-of-its-kind report charts the terrain of the artificial intelligence (AI) applied in the real-world studies (RWS) sector. It draws a roadmap of the healthcare industry in Asia and the West and projects it will log 40 percent growth each year in China.

Released this week and titled ‘Landscape of AI Technology Companies in Real World Studies Industry,’ the study was conducted by leading Biotech and Healthtech investment intelligence agency Deep Pharma Intelligence (DPI), AI-powered global medical imaging firm Evomics Medical, and The Yuan, an influential AI-centric open forum.

The seminal study presents findings on current and future trends in RWS - data-mining, compilation, and analysis of real-world data (RWD) derived from the raw materials of real-world evidence (RWE).

“We are happy to have The Yuan, and Evomics Medical as co-creators of this joint report, providing unique insights about the market of medical AI in the Asia region, and in China in particular,” said Dr Andrii Buvailo, co-founder and director of London-based Deep Pharma Intelligence.

The report ticks off pharma RWS industry developments in 2020-2021, discusses Asia’s RWS market size and trends there and in China, and showcases leading Asian RWS companies, thus serving up a balanced East-Meets-West smorgasbord. It discusses use of virtual twin studies, genome-wide association studies (GWAS), and pharmacovigilance with AI, and RWS and AI for diagnostics, biomarkers, image analysis, and disease prevention. Big Data next comes under its lens, and it lists challenges and opportunities faced by AI-driven WRS. It also surveys regulation of RWS and Big Data in Asia.

RWS not only increases the success of drug discovery, the report says, but is the cheapest and fastest alternative to randomized controlled trials (RCT), the current gold standard of new medicine testing. The RWS sector’s gro

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